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Goldcar is a rent a car low cost company with more than 30 years of experience in the car hire sector in Spain, with Alicante, Mallorca and Malaga our oldest destinations to which we have added more than 118 tourist spots in Europe.

Alex angrily mentioned, "Goldcar app lies about the amount it will charge you. Be aware! It says it will give you a discount if you pay now - lies. It says it applied a promotional code - lies. In the end it will show you one amount and charge you another."


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Fleet Manager says

"You can be fired anytime"

Current Employee - Rental Sales Agent says

"Unfortunately the company has a aggressive approach to selling it's extra services to the customer, which most of the time keeps away our client to ever come back to rent with us."

Former Employee - Rental Sales Agent says

"Schedules and salary. No career opportunities. Hard time with some customers. You dont have time for your personal life."

Former Employee - Sale Agent says

"huge pressure, high tension in the air if sale objective were not reached"

Henry Kent says

"The worst car rental company I have ever used! They charged me for their extra insurance although we clearly stated online that we did not want to take any insurance out. I returned the car to pick up a new one at their Malaga Airport office, as there are limits on the time you are able to rent for and the man at the desk made me aware that a mistake had been made and to make a complaint and we would be reimbursed. We have now received confirmation that no money is being returned and it is our fault. I and many colleagues here in Southern Spain rent motor vehicles but I have made everyone aware to NEVER use Gold Car. I should have read the reviews online before renting as it seems their reputation is in taters."

Steve Godman says

"Thieves and Con men Take my advice and never use this car hire firm, they stole money that I never authorized for services and a car that I never had. They were totally dismissive when I challenged them, rude arrogant service owned by Gangsters, DO NOT EVER USE."

Ebba Ekelund says

"I strongly advise you NOT TO EVER book any car on Goldcars website. I tried making a booking in November, but once I had registered my credit card details and pressed ”Pay ”I received a note saying ”Oops, something went wrong”. The booking was never registered HOWEVER GOLDCAR DID CHARGE MY CREDIT CARD with more than 280 Euros. Even though I have sent them several emails with a print of my banc account statement clearly indicating ”GOLDCAR” has charged my account on the date I tried making the booking, they are not transferring the money back to me. I have now filed a Police report against Goldcar. It is unbelievable that this can happen when trying to make a booking with a big, international car rental firm."

Kata says

"We have rented a car on Fuerte Ventura through DoYouSpain. We have a full insurance with DoYouSpain and paid for that. On site, the provider Goldcar / Interrent has not accepted the insurance and presented us a new contract.We have not signed the contract, yet 300 euros were collected from the deposit for a further comprehensive insurance."

Alice says

"If I had the option I would give this company 0 stars. Absolute disgrace, they took £1100 out of my partners account and haven't given it back and this was last august! Every time we phone to find out what is happening they say the money will be in the bank account within 48 hours... and of course it isn't! DO NOT USE!!!!"

Sean Drysdale says

"I hired a car online using Carjet comparison site. On arrival at the office at Toulouse Blagnac Airport, thee was quite a queue and only two staff members dealing with customers. Fortunately I was early and didn't have long to wait. Having filled in the necessary paperwork, I was subjected to a 15 minute hard sell to take out additional insurance, with oft-repeated warnings of dire penalties if I refused and was unfortunate enough to have an accident; I still refused! On return at 0830, I was the only customer in the carpark. The only staff member - the same lady who tried to sell me additional insurance - was finishing off checking another car. I said "Good Morning". She ignored me and continued to do so for the next 5 minutes. When she did come to deal with me, she was surly to the point of being rude. When I asked if she could speed up a bit, she snapped at me, returned to the office and refused to continue the check-in process. I had no alternative but to leave. Now because I had forgotten my credit card, I had left a deposit using a debit card. It took me 2 months and several phone calls and emails to both CarJet and Goldcar to get any refund. When this eventually came, it was €250 short! Several emails went unanswered, just as before, and then I called to be told this was to pay for the damage to the vehicle. I was, to say the least, very surprised, because I am 100%+ certain I inflicted no damage to the vehicle! I asked for and was sent photos of the damage. It looked, to me, suspiciously like it was deliberately done; it was a number of scores, in various directions and making "x's" in several places – none serious enough to call them scratches – on the plastic rear bumper, none of which extended onto the paintwork and some which did a u-turn just short of the paintwork. They looked just like they were done with a sharp object, like a key. I have responded to CarJet, who sent me the photos and they have now asked ME for photos to prove there was no damage when I left the car! Who takes photos of non-existent damage! Having only now learned of GoldCar's reputation for dubious practices, I will now be contacting them again to push for my full refund. But meanwhile, my advice? AVOID GOLDCAR LIKE THE PLAGUE! To be fair, CarJet reply to emails, but simply pass the issue over to GoldCar, who then ignore it."

AS says

"The first thing the Goldcar rep at Fuerteventura did was try to hard sell me more insurance even though I had a full one including the excess cover. He was proposing euro 148 extra for a 6 day rental on top of the comprehensive 260 euro rental already paid via auto Europe. The car given needless to say was much worse then the one promised and had several marks not shown on the rental form."

Ruth Foo says

"Paid in full on ebookers so assumed goldcar was reputable. Arrived at desk with driving license and credit card in name of driver per T's and C's. Lady at desk announced credit card name must be an identical match to the driving license (apparently having initials on the credit card instead of the full name, which we had no control over as it's how the credit card company issued it, meant "it could be your parents credit card" which is an odd thing to accuse a 40 year old man of stealing). Despite the fact this clearly didn't match the T's and C's, and despite showing the lady the online bank statements for said credit card with the full name written on it, she had already made her mind up not to give us either a car or a refund. Any attempts to get a refund from this company failed, as well as any attempts to get them to at least correct their T's and C's so they don't mislead other customers in the future. From other reviews maybe it's a good thing, as sounds like they would only have stolen more money at the other end if we had received the car. Went to Europcar desk next door, using same credit card and driving license, rented car with no issue and were treated like human beings, rather than being rudely accused of stealing a parents credit card at the age of 40."

Macca says

"Cheap at first sight but not on end product. And if you have got a problem you are never going to sort it . And if you do decide to use them after reading This fill the tank up to full . I paid for them to top it up 5 € just from garage to drop it off . As I choose flex Plus they charged me 49€ 7 emails later trying to tell them they made mistake . Forget it !!"

steve says

"they are bandits be extremely careful, i got charged £350 insurance for an £80 car hire. tread with caution!!"

PB says

"SCAM company! They fake the insurance so the customers pays double. Hardcore fraud."

Geoff says

"Absolutely atrocious. They are basically stealing money from people. I am going to raise a compliant with Visa and get my money back that way. They have completely failed to provide us with a car and have refused to give us a refund. Complete thieves. Do NOT use this company it is a con."

Shishou says

"I rented a car with GOLDCAR Dec.24-Jan1st and it WAS A HORRIBLE NIGHTMARE and terrible disaster. The lady at the counter charged my an additional 194,39€ with ZERO EXPLANATIONS (tasa obligataria + alzador + C.extra v.diesel). These were partly already paid + we had been force online to pay a 72€ car insurance prior to booking but the lady still asked for a 2000 deposit. When we asked for explanations and transparency on the cost, she CALLED THE SECURITY AND POLICE of the airport. It was terrible in front of our 4 kids aged 0 to 5 !! We were treated like cheaters and steelers and violent people but roles were totally the contrary !!!! We have had psychological pressures above from the lady saying that if we didn'pay she was cancelling the booking and that we had to apologize for complaning. NIGHTMARE. you 're the worst company on earth and we are going to sue you and put you to trial. Beside, we returned the car full tank so why dont you refule the extra diesel ??? all in all it's 194,39+72 that you need to refund us. And more than apologize from all you company for that agent who CALLED THE POLICE ! what world do we live in. We are putting all our efforts so that lady is beeing fired from a position. BELIEVE US WE WONT STOP OUR CLAIMS AND ACTIONS. We are warning all consumer organizations and political. This agent is not a human being, she's a shame for the human beeings. You are a FRAUDULENT COMPANY and the lady knows and she's guilty; She knows what role she was playing with our family !!!! CRAZY PEOPLE. WE WILL CONTINUE GIVE YOUR THE TERRIBLE REPUTATION FAME THAT YOU DESERVE. We had all our document booking with us, we showed her to ask for explanatinos on all the prices differences but she refused to see the paper and threatened us and called security and police. I WANT TO SUE THEM AND PUT A CLAIM AND WAN MY MONEY BACK. I WANT TO CLAIM FOR A CHARGEBACK PROCEDURE"

David Wood says

"We hired a car at Alicante airport, before leaving the terminal we took photographs all around the car which had extensive scratch damage. When we returned the car, we again took photographs all around the car as there were no staff at the rental return. When we returned home, we received an email stating that they were taking €500.00 from my deposit as the car was scratched. I emailed them photographs showing that the scratches were pre - existing but of course Customer No service have not responded after 3 months of calls and email's. Even though it will cost me in the short term, I am getting a Spanish Legal firm to issue proceedings. From reading other reviews, it appears that the theft of my money is a fairly common event and obviously a company policy. Covid - 19 is obviously affecting the numbers of car renters and they have adopted a policy of burning as many as possible in the short term. In most business models, repeat customers are the key to success, clearly this company think differently"


"Terrible service, they push you to buy the casco insurance and if you don’t they claim your credit car for the deposit doesn’t work. We are trying to get back our money but of course, it’s not reimbursable."

Bee says

"NEVER USE. FALSE ADVERTISING ON DOYOUSPAIN and terrible customer service! It is in no way obvious that in order to hire with Goldcar you MUST take their insurance as there is an option NOT to take it on the Doyouspain website. They are all rude at the 'customer service' desk at Palma Airport and give you no alternative, instead the company STEALS your money with FALSE ADVERTISING! Is this legal? I spoke with Doyouspain. They give no assistance either. They have stolen €160 of my hard earned money and I want it back. Thieves! We will continue to only use RECORD GO from now on."

Joe says

"Whatever you do do not rent a car from this company, they are cheap which is what draws you in but they end up being extortionate due to the underhand tactics of charging your card for fictional damage, save your money and use a reputable company as Goldcar are absolute crooks"

Paul Wells says

"I have been travelling to Spain for many years to visit my in-laws and have always rented a car at Almeria airport normally through Hertz or Europcar. We were due to arrive in April 2020 initially but this got cancelled due to COVID and DoYouSpain managed to move my booking to later in the year, with an additional charge for a larger car because they had nothing smaller...Hmm, should have seen that coming. Our second attempt to get to Spain in October was again cancelled as we were sent into lockdown once again so i informed them with a months notice that we would not be able to fly in therefore they can release the car for re-rental. Oh no, that's not possible, you have paid for the rental and if you choose not to pick it up then it's your fault and we'll keep the money. Tried to get the money back via the bank and stated that they had already changed their terms of business once but they will not accept any liability. Frankly they are the most unethical business I have ever dealt with, ripping people off when it is absolutely not our fault if we can not fly into the country. Absolutely no remorse from them and had i known it was GoldCar when I booked through the agent i would not have proceeded anyway. NEVER EVER USE THESE CROOKS - I've heard many stories of extra charges, extortionate additional bills and add on's made by them. They should not be allowed to trade."

Bridget H says

"Goldcar/Inter-rent at Funchal Airport, Madeira: cheap but be aware you will pay more than you are quoted by any online intermediary company because: they force customers to pay more by insisting payment has to be taken in GBP, not Euros, at a poor exchange rate and 2% mark-up (in addition to your card/bank charges) and I was charged for an upgrade I wasn't asked about, didn't want and didn't agree to. Also, when I asked about extending the hire period they said this was straightforward, just go to any branch. However, what they didn't mention is you can't extend within 28 days using the same credit card!?! So, unless you have multiple credit cards it's simply not possible to extend."